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JC Exclusive: Interview With The Legend That Created The Annoying Miami Heat Fan Soundboard

[via Heat Fan Sounds@heyfeifer]


Even though Jason Feifer resides in New York, land of the Knicks and soon-to-be home of the Nets, he is a diehard Heat fan, displaying excellent taste in his professional basketball preferences.

Feifer has become an internet sensation for creating a soundboard from an annoying fan that he sat next to and recorded whilst attending a the Heat’s season-opener with his pops last week. Heat Fans Sounds has quickly become one of our favorite soundboards, rivaling Gus Johnson Gets Buckets in legendariousness

Feifer was kind enough to take some time out of his schedule to holler at us about his creation:

At what point did you realize that it would be a good idea to record the annoying Heat fan?

JF:  About midway through the first quarter. She revealed herself as the world’s most annoying Heat fan during the player introductions, and never stopped going. A few minutes in, everyone around her was giggling. She was sitting to my right, and my dad was to my left. He passed me his iPhone, and I looked down to see he’d written “AW-RIGHT!” That’s when I knew: This woman was a quote machine, and needed to be recorded.

I should note, by the way: I’m a huge Heat fan. I grew up in Florida, have been going to games since the Seikaly era, and flew down to Miami to celebrate in the streets during their ’06 championship parade.

They’re the only team in professional sports I really care about. Though I knew a soundboard of this woman would mostly tickle the Heat haters out there, I felt I had no choice: This is a gem that cannot be lost to the air of the American Airlines Arena. And anyway, she doesn’t represent all Heat fans. We are large; we contain multitudes.

Are you familiar with the term “Ratchet” and if so, would you say that the annoying Heat fan fit the description?

JF:  I’m not. Um, but I think there was a Transformer named Ratchet, and he transformed into an ambulance. This woman is not an ambulance, though she was as loud as one.

More of the interview after the jump…

How long did it take you to put the soundboard together?

JF:  About a week—which says more about my lack of skills than it does about the complexity of the soundboard. I spliced the audio on the plane ride home; I live in Brooklyn but had flown down to see the game with my dad.

Then I originally built the soundboard on soundboard.com, which was really easy, but I was disappointed that they don’t let you personalize the template at all—it’s just big and ugly and blue, and with a tiny 75×75 graphic. That’s no good, so I deleted it. Luckily, a web-savvy friend of mine happened to come into town, so I told him about the project and he helped me with the javascript.

Can you remember any other gems that the annoying Heat fan dropped during the game that you weren’t able to record?

JF:  Her go-to lines were “aw-right!” “go for it” and “holdin’ it down,” and so most of what she yelled involved one of those plus a player’s name—aw-right Bosh! or holdin’ it down, Dwyane! I wish I had clips of her working her way through the roster. Though at least I got Go for it, Bosh! and Go for it, Udonis!, which make for a pretty great pairing on the soundboard.

What are your feelings about LeBron’s hairline?

JF:  I think that once LeBron finds his footing in this year’s NBA Finals, his hair is going to start growing back in. It’s all connected.

What’s your prediction for the Heat this season?

Heat over Thunder in the Finals, in six. You heard it here first. This team is electric, Wade and LeBron finally know how to play with each other, Bosh is stepping it up, Norris Cole is a natural, Udonis is healthy, the bench is deep. Last year was a growing year. This is the Heat everyone expected.


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