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Jason Witten Trucks Cheerleader & Yells “Get The F**k Back” During Thanksgiving Day Game


Cowboys tight end Jason Witten decided to dish out some love during his squads Thanksgiving showdown with the Dolphins in Big D and helped a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader fulfill a lifelong dream.

At the start at the 4th quarter Witten caught a pass near the sideline and was forced out of bounds and proceeded to truck a member of the Cowboys cheerleading squad.

Normally getting ran over by a 265-pound dude would be a day-ruiner, but the cheerleader was in heaven, cheesing like velvetta as replays showed her getting ran through like a standard cheerleader does by members of the opposing team after the game.

Witten also had another gem in the game, after a similar play sent him right back into the sidelines, almost running over some more spectators. Witten could be heard yelling “get the f**k back” to someone in the area, although it is unclear who he was talking to.

Video of Witten telling someone on the Cowboys sideline to “Get The F**k Back!” after the jump…


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