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Jason Kidd Fined $50,000 For Intentionally Spilling Beverage During Nets Loss to Lakers

Jason Kidd Spilled Drink NBA Fine


Brooklyn Nets head coach Jason Kidd was fined $50,000 by David Stern and thems, after intentionally spilling his beverage in the final moments of game against the Lakers in an attempt to ice Jodie Meeks (aka Nobe) at the free throw line.

With 8.3 seconds remaining in the game and the Nets trailing by 2, Kidd can be seen telling Tyshawn Taylor “hit me,” moments before colliding with the Nets guard and spilling his beverage on the court to create the delay of game.

Kidd tried to pull a vet move as a rookie head coach which is commendable, but the Bay Area native should have heeded the advice of legendary rapper E-40 and covered his mouth or talked in code cause them folkers might be taping.


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