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Jason Collins Becomes First Openly Gay Hooper to Get Burn in NBA

Jason Collins 1st Gay NBA Player


Jason Collins made history Sunday evening, in his hometown of LA no less, becoming the first openly gay male professional athlete to play in the NBA and proceeded to help the Nets serve the Lakers in Staples Center.

Despite a dismal season that has left Laker fans looking sadder than Day Day when Baby D and D’wana keyed his BMW, the crowd actually managed to show some semblance of respect and gratitude for Collins, giving him a mild ovation as he entered the game in the 2nd quarter and etched his name into sports history.

Along with his twin brother Jarron, Jason is still something like a Legend regardless of sexual preference, attending the famed Montclair College Prep and Harvard-Westlake schools, before eventually deciding to support squarerrorism by attending Stanford University.


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