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Jajaja: Gene Keady’s Favorite Song Is Wiz Khalifa’s “Black & Yellow”


Former UCLA baller and current Jazz point guard Earl Watson was in New York the past few days and got the chance to hang out with his college coach Steve Lavin, now doing big things with St. John’s in first season back in the game.

During his Big Apple visit Watson also got the opportunity to spend some time with legendary former Purdue coach Gene Keady, who serves on the Red Storm staff as Lavin’s special advisor/consigliere.

Watson took to facebook during the hang-out session with some truly remarkable inside info about Keady’s taste in music, putting up the following status update:

“Why am I in the car with legendary Purdue coach Gene Keady…And he’s telling me his favorite song is black and yellow! lol”

Who would have guessed that Keady was rolling with Wiz Khalifa. It just goes to show that there is no age limit on swag, and Keady has beent rocking the flossy comb-over marvelously for several decades now.

The Jazz were smashed by the Knicks in their only meeting in New York this season, but Watson surely found some comfort in knowing that Gene Keady is one of the biggest legends of all times.


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