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Jajaja: Various Sports Stars Going Full Hogg With Halloween Costumes

[photo via Jocks and Stiletto Jill]


Much like Rosh Hashanah, Halloween is one of those Holidays where people let their freak flag fly freely — with athletes being no stranger to celebrating the spirit with some truly legendary costume selections.

This weekend, several sports stars (and athletes with that square mentality) took part in the Halloween festivities, rocking elaborate costumes and some that were even questionable like this full body suit with some skimpy drawers that Dwyane Wade rocked.

Whilst individual costumes are always a solid option, the group themed costume can always prove to be legendary, just so long as everyone is willing to stick to the script and realize that there can only be one Daniel San or Beyonce.

More photos of athletes dressed up in Halloween costumes after the jump…


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