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Jajaja: UCLA Freshman Baller Kyle Anderson Discovers Oregon Coach Chip Kelly’s Doppleganger


UPDATE:  Anderson offered an apology and clarified his statements in regards to the Chip Kelly neanderthal comment with the following tweets:

-I meant no disrespect to Chip Kelly or the Oregon football team. Coach kelly is a great coach and i respect what he does as a football coach

-I didnt mean to say he looked like a neanderthal i was saying how going for it on 4th n goal up 40 points is a viking move lol no disrespect

UCLA freshman point forward Kyle Anderson, made the quick voyage to legendary status with one a truly hilarious observation during Oregon’s season-opener Saturday night in Eugene (aka “BOOgene” for the assortment of solid 8’s that dominate the Ducks’ campus).

After taking a good hard look at Ducks head coach Chip Kelly, Anderson tweeted out the following observation:

Chip Kelly is a neanderthal lol

Anderson was pretty much on point with the tweet — as Kelly’s brick chicken house build and grizzly demeanor are reminiscent of a cave man — but instead of using “lol,” would have preferred to see Anderson drop a “jajaja,” because 9 out of 10 legends agree that it’s just way more classier.

[via @KyleAnderson5]


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