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Jajaja NBA Questionable Call Swag Video

Jajaja: Thirsty TNT Cameraman Caught In The Act During Game 4 of Eastern Conference Finals


I’m guessing that TNT may have come back from commercial just a little too early before the start of the 2nd half during Game 4 of the ECF, as a camera person was caught being just a little too thirsty for the scenery inside of American Airlines Arena.

The camera dude may be getting a ton of the clowning for actually getting caught doing what every cameraman is trained to do at a sporting event–find hot chicks and zoom in on their goodies.

The real blame for the on-air thirst mongering goes to the production truck, as no one seemed to notice for damn near 10 seconds that the perv cam was hot. But then again, I ain’t mad at them.

Video of the thirsty TNT cameraman perving on some Heat fans after the jump…


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