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Jajaja: The World Champion Miami Heat Drop A Legendary Harlem Shake Meme


To be honest, I was getting tired at looking at all of the Harlem Shake memes that have been popping up over the past few weeks — until witnessing this one by reigning MVP LeBron James and the World Champion Miami Heat.

Although the Heat were a little tardy to the party in participating in the Harlem Shake phenomenon, they showed that good things come to those who with with a cornucopia of legendariousness filling the entire video.

The Heat’s Harlem Shake meme video starts in traditional fashion, as Chris “Birdman” Andersen flies across the locker room doing his namesake, as LeBron and the rest of the Heat players stretch oblivious.

Once the music drop all hell breaks loose, as each player dawns a legendary costume and starts twerking it like Serena Williams did at Drake’s crib back yonder.

Whilst most of the Harlem Shake memes have been clocking in the 30 second range, the Heat decided to keep the party going, as each player got some time to shine in a makeshift Soul-Train line.

Naturally, the Lakers do have nearly enough swag, or wins to get this type of stuff off. But look forward to the Purple and Gold dropping a version with an accompanying tweet from Kobe Bryant that reads, “Harlem Shake THAT.”


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