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Jajaja: The Heat Hating Continues…


Damn, for all the hate that LeBron and the Miami Heat received this season, you would have thought they (were accused of) murked 2 white people or got charged with trying to take a chick’s cookie.

Unfortunately they were guilty of nothing more than trying to build a team that could compete with the upper-echelon of NBA elite.

Teams that spend the big bucks like the Lakers and Mavs, the 2 teams with the highest salaries this season respectively. Meanwhile the Heat operated their team with the 17th-highest salary in the League, so a 2nd-place finish ain’t too bad.

Whilst it is true that the Heat fell a few games short of their (much like every other team in the League’s) intended goal, they are still to commended for battling adversity and extreme hateration, to reach the NBA Finals.

The wait ’til next year talk has grown old when it comes to LeBron, but at only 26 years old he still has a ton of tread left on those tires and hopefully can develop that killer instinct that proved to be evident in the first 3 rounds, but lacking in June.

Until then, LeBron and the Heat should be able to use some of these hater photoshops after the jump for some motivation…


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