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Jajaja: Steelers Fan Resembling Sloppy Bill Cowher Flips Bird During Monday Night Football


During what turned out to be one of your more boring overtime-reaching Monday Night games in recent memory, one Steelers fan resembling a sloppier version of Bill Cowher decided to get his Nino Brown on and start flipping some birds.

Naturally the ESPN cameras caught the flipped bird during a crowd reaction cutaway, and although it is unclear just exactly who (or what) the Steelers fan was giving the middle finger to, I’d like to hope it was an ex-boo for showing up in a Dwyane Bowe jersey.

In addition to being some of the most dedicated, diehards in professional sports, Steelers fans also have a legacy of displaying some terrible ettiquette — whether at Heinz field, an opponents stadium or local watering holes across the planet.

Although this bird flipping didn’t have nearly as many as M.I.A.’s during the Super Bowl, odds are when asked her thoughts about it, she would probs say “I don’t give a shit!”

[via The Big Lead]


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