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Jajaja: Spike Lee Goes HAM On Twitter After Dude Calls Him A Fair-Weather Knicks Fan


Apparently Spike Lee takes it personal when people call him a fair-weather Knicks fan. Case in point, this twitter exchange between the Legendary director and our dude Chris Brockman (@chris_brockman).

Spike put up the following tweet:

Getting Ready To Jet Down To Madison Square Garden-South Beach.Da Orange And Blue Faithful Will Be In Da House Tonight.GO NY GO.Beat Da Heat

To which Brockman responded with the following tweet:

be real. only when #Knicks are relevant is he a fan

A salty Spike lashed out at Brockman, hitting him back with this tweet:

@chris_brockman You’re A Fuckin Moron.I’ve Paid For My Season Tickets Since Ewing’s Rookie Season(17 Years),Through Many Bad Teams.WAKE UP!!

Brockman didn’t back down though, retorting with the following tweet:

@SpikeLee come on now. paying for season tix and consistently showing up to the games despite the Ls piling up are two different things.

The conversation ended there, but it’s safe to say that Brockman can now brag to his friends and any potential ladies that he may be trying to smash, by boasting about his legendary twitter beef with Spike Lee. Well played sir.

[via @chris_brockman, @SpikeLee]


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  1. Greg A. February 23, 2012

    I knew Chris Brockman intimately in college.

  2. Jonny Lawrence February 23, 2012

    Did you guys smash each other’s cakes?

  3. brandon January 27, 2014

    when you pay that damn much for courtside season tickets you have to be dedicated. leave spike alone.


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