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Jajaja NBA Swag Video

Jajaja: Sh*t People Say When They Don’t Go League


I not only know a bunch of dudes that are washed-up athletes of varying degree i.e., some more Leaguer than others, I’m also a member of this particular demographic, which makes this Shit People Say meme jajaja worthy.

I’m sure at one point or another that we’ve all said shit (for lack of a better word) like this; but mainly just to improve our chances of getting some action up out of a moneyable work, or to look cool amongst a group of squares, regs and/or other former athletes.

To be honest I was getting a little tired of all these Shit People Say perpetraitor videos that were popping up on youtube, because most of them videos were actually in the category of  Shit Unfunny People Upload To Try and Swagger Jack

Don’t get me wrong, JerseyChaser got it’s start with some Legendary parody videos, but our shit was funny so technically we weren’t jacking swagger, we we’re making it more better…like a hojo to climax (unfortunately squares won’t get this).

[via chinedu unaka]


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