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Jajaja: Shaq Gets Blindsided By Christmas Tree On Inside The NBA Courtesy Of Evil Chris Bosh


The good folks at TNT’s Inside The NBA decided to welcome their newest edition Shaquille O’Neal, with a solid prank during their last show of 2011.

After convincing the Big Diesel to take the last shot on the set’s basketball hoop in 2011, a dude in a Chris Bosh mask standing behind an extra-large Christmas tree pushed it onto Shaq, sending him crashing to the ground with an extra’d out fall.

Naturally Shaq was embarrassed by the move, but kept his composure as the rest of the Inside The NBA crew laughed in his face. If that was me, guaranteed somebody in the crew would have gotten a one-hitter quitter following the incident, just to let them know what’s really hood.

Video of Shaq getting got by Evil Chris Bosh after the jump…


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