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Jajaja: Russell Westbrook Looks Like Mix of Rich Man’s Urkel and Sally Jessy Raphael


To celebrate the Thunder’s win over the Lakers in Game 1 of a Western Conference semis, Russell Westbrook decided to exhibit some questionable fit decisions, rocking an Urkel-esque fishing-themed polo and some Sally Jessy Raphael red glasses to boot.

Although many were quick to try and clown on Westbrook for the outfit, present company included, it should also be noted that the all-star guard just finished getting all up in the Lakers’ a$$ like a wedgie, which means he can dress however he damn well pleases.

After signing a long term extension with the Thunder in mid January, Westbrook is following the lyrics to a famous Yeezy track, and after waiting to get his money right, he has proceeded to let everyone know that they can’t tell him nothing.


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