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Creeper Jajaja NBA Swag Video

Jajaja: Russell Westbrook & Jeff Van Gundy Swap Shades in New NBA on ESPN Promo


After establishing themselves as a provider of  legendary content in the commercial game, the NBA on ESPN came with some more fire Monday, dropping this new spot featuring Russell Westbrook and Jeff Van Gundy swapping glasses on the now infamous RV.

Naturally Westbrook’s glasses are merely a fashion statement that don’t even have frames, clowning him for some of his flamboyant outfits during the playoffs last season, whilst Van Gundy’s frames are thicker than a snicker, giving Westbrook some trouble as he tries to navigate the supersized whip.

Westbrook is establishing himself as one of the bigger Legends in the NBA, as the converted point guard is doing his proverbial thug thizzle on the court, and getting his flares out off of it, to carve out his position amongst the NBA elite.

Combined with fellow Thunder teammates Kevin Durant and James Harden, and the squad has core of internationally known, nationally recognized and locally respected Legends, looking for a rematch against LeBron and them(s) in the Finals this year.

[via The Big Lead]

Video of Westbrook’s solid  glasses-swapping cameo with Jeff Van Gundy in the new NBA on ESPN after the jump…

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLucZygQIgo&feature=player_embedded’]


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