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Jajaja: President Obama Side Busts Mario Chalmers During Miami Heat Visit to White House

Miami Heat White House Mario Chalmers


The Miami Heat were in the Nation’s capital this week to chop game at the White House with Obama and thems, and the President took the opportunity to have a little fun at the expense of point guard Mario Chalmers.

At the conclusion of his speech, praising LeBron James and the Heat for winning their 2nd straight NBA Championship, Obama remarked, “with that I think we should take a picture, but I think we should make it quick, before one of these guys starts yelling at Mario.”

Chalmers has a history of getting into verbal altercations with other members of the team, and almost got ran up on by LeBron earlier this season.

The side bust immediately incited a reaction amongst the room and was most visible on the faces of LeBron, D-Wade and Heat assistant coach David Fizdale, who all started jajaja’ing, as Chalmers cracked something similar to a “oh, so you got jokes” type smile.

Guaranteed Chalmers doesn’t mind being the butt of a few Presidential jokes, as long as his checks keep cashing, swag keeps boosting and rings keep stacking.


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