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Jajaja: Phillies Fan Gets So Inebriated That He Can’t Put Wallet In Pocket


Some times we you get a little too inebriated, even the simplest things, like ordering some Mexican food post night of clubbing, or trying to put your wallet back in your pocket, can prove to be quite difficult.

This Phillies fan looks like he might have gotten just a little too loose of that goose, although it appears that he may have actually been able to use his debit card to get some money, so he couldn’t have been that smashed.

This reminds me of the video from Coachella last year, of the dude that’s absolutely hammered, struggling to try and put on his sandal. But obviously, trying to put a wallet in the back p0cket, isn’t quite as legendary.

Video of inebriated Phillies fan struggling to put his wallet in his pocket after the jump…



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