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Jajaja (Our New LOL): Big Baby Blows Wide Open Dunk


So, if you’ve JerseyChaser for a while, then you know we’re prone to give you an LOL on the regs, like Kenny Powers on a yacht.

Unfortunately the LOL phenomenon is all over the internet like that Kim Kardashian/Ray-J smash tape, so after al lengthy debate (barring some short-term memory loss), we have decided to replace LOL with Jajaja.

Congrats to Celtics forward Glen “Big Baby” Davis for being the 1st entry in this new category, after missing this wide open dunk during the C’s win over the Heat. Although we are still awaiting confirmation, it’s a safe bet that Big Baby ate way too many biscuits for breakfast, which weighed him down like a (worthless) high-maintenance Boo.

Video of Big Baby blowing the wide open fastbreak dunk after the jump…


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