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Jajaja: Oklahoma City Thunder Fans Rocking Beard Masks in Honor of James Harden


Although he isn’t the first dude in the NBA to rock a flossy overgrown beard, and certainly won’t be the last, Thunder guard and Sixth Man of the Year James Harden has moved himself into certified Legend territory by sporting the look made famous by dudes like Suge Knight and Rick Ross.

Harden’s beard has also developed a cult following across the country, with numerous fake twitter accounts and a slew of fans, primarily in OKC and Los Angeles (Harden’s home town) that have decided to make their own versions of the legendary beard.

This was evidenced in last night’s Game 5 of the Western semis during a stoppage in play where a group of fans could be seen sitting/standing near the court, all wearing their makeshift Harden beard masks, as Harden as his real beard were just a few feet away chatting with a ref.

Rumor is people, mainly white people that is, are hitting up there local costume stores and being either the Black Santa or Black Jesus costume, removing the beard and then returning the costumes in order to have a Harden beard of their own.


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