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Jajaja: Matt Barnes & Caron Butler Become Clippers’ Latest #GotEm “Sunglasses Edition” Victims


As the Clippers’ #GotEm phenomenon continues recent acquisition Matt Barnes and Caron Butler became the latest victims of the movement, after the pair were spotted in what appeared to be an itis-induced coma, rocking shades to try and play it off.

Blake Griffin sent out the following tweet:

#gotem sunglasses edition @Matt_Barnes22 and @realtuffjuice courtesy of @deandrejordan and @RealLamarOdom

I’m starting to get the feeling that the Clipper vets are trying to pick on the UCLA guys, as Barnes get caught slipping just days after fellow UCLA Alum Ryan Hollins breaks the #GotEm 2012-13 cherry.

Unfortunately the Clippers probably have no idea how far Barnes is willing to go in retaliation, so on and off the court this is shaping up to be one of the Clips most legendary seasons in franchise history.

[via @BlakeGriffin]


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