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Jajaja: Marques Johnson Takes “Selfie” During College Basketball Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

Marques Johnson Hall of Fame Selfie_cover


Despite being an old timer, former College and NBA basketball Legend Marques Johnson decided to show that he was still hip during the National Collegiate Hall of Fame induction ceremony at the Midland Theatre in  Kansas City on Sunday night, interrupting the ceremony to take a “selfie” on stage with his smart phone.

During the ceremony, Johnson participated in a brief question and answer ceremony with event emcees Fran Fraschilla and Sean Farnham, but before answering any questions Johnson pulled out his phone and announced that he was going to take a selfie as with Fraschilla and Farnham striking some skilarious poses in the background.

Johnson took the “selfie” for his mother, who was unable to attend the event, but now has one legendary souvernir from an incredible night, as he became the first Hall of Fame inductee in history to take a “selfie” during an induction ceremony.

Marques Johnson Hall of Fame Selfie_1


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