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Jajaja: Mario Chalmers Tricks Off Lay Up vs Knicks


When most players are attacking the basket and Knicks forward Ronnie Turiaf is in the vicinty, they immediately think about dunking all over his life. I mean Turiaf is one of the top candidates for the dubious distinction of “Dunkbait of the Year” after catching more facials than Belladonna this season.

Apparently, Mario Chalmers gets scarier than some little kids on October 31, as evidenced by him tricking off this wide open lay up against the Knicks this past Sunday.

After tricking off another lay up earlier in the game, Chalmers had a chance to redeem himself, but got a little too nervous on the break and started hearing some footsteps.

Chalmers’ misses proved to be costly, as the Heat wound up tricking off a lead and lost the game after LeBron missed another 3-pointer in the final moments.

Don’t be surprised if Carlos Arroyo actually starts to get some burn again (UPDATE: Arroyo actually got cut…tis tough) , and Chalmers starts to burn again (as if he ever stopped).


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