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Jajaja: Legendary Oakland A’s Fan Does Bernie Lean in Full Costume Holding Nachos and Beverage


Even though the Oakland A’s and their fans are a little tardy to the party with the whole “Bernie Lean” phenomenon (as previously mentioned I beent doing a version of the “Bernie” since at least 2000) kudos to this fan for taking it next level with this legendary costume.

In case you’re unaware, A’s center fielder Coco Crisp of Oakland A’s uses the Move It Like Bernie as his theme song and various players from the squad have hit the Bernie during the team’s hot streak.

The Bernie has been a rallying tool for the A’s and their fans, and has fueled the squad into the postseason, as baseball in the Bay Area is in full on hyphy mode, with the entire solid turnt up like an oven.

An Oakland A’s fan Bernie Lean video after the jump…


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