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Jajaja NBA Questionable Call Swag

Jajaja: Legend Trying To Sell Hand Painted OKC Thundermobile Featuring Players’ Faces For 3 Stacks


Drew Hooper is a self-described diehard Oklahoma City Thunder fan, so much so that he decided to dedicate his vintage 1996 Suzuki X-90 to cause, pimping the entire vehicle out and turning it into the “Thundermobile.” The car is now up for sale with an asking price of $3,000.

The Thundermobile features numerous players faces on each side of the vehicle including Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Serge Ibaka and even recent acquisitions Kendrick Perkins and Derek Fisher.

The Thundermobile even includes a quote from Frederick Douglass on the front hood, as one legend recognizes another.

The car has been featured in numerous publications in Oklahoma City and has gained some decent acclaim, and the Thundermobile is in a decent competition with Clipper Darrell for the flossiest NBA team themed car in the game.

According to Hooper, Suzuki only produced the X-90 for 2 years, making the car a poor man’s collectible due to the extremely limited still in circulation.

More pics of Suzuki X-90 turned Thundermobile after the jump…

[via Craigslist]

Hello Thunder Fans!

I’m selling my Thunder-Mobile “Lightning.” It made the front page of the Oklahoman, NewsOk.com, The Lost Ogle, People in the Trenches PhotoBlog, and countless cellphones! Haha!

Here is a link to one of the interviews. http://newsok.com/article/3672550

So…This is a 1996 Suzuki X-90(they made them for 2 years, that’s why you probably haven’t ever seen one!) and has 125,500 original miles. It has a manual transmission and 4WD.

The passenger side window rolls down, the drivers side doesn’t. The heat works well, the a/c don’t. The clutch needs to be fixed, but my uncle says it’s not hard to do! Haha!

Its a great car for the avid Thunder Fan as long as you don’t mind people taking pictures of your car wherever you go! Selling as is $3000…

Thanks Yall!!

-Drew Hooper


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