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Jajaja: Lee Corso Drops “F” Bomb On Live TV


Lee Corso went a little overboard during ESPN’s College Gameday show this past Saturday, broadcasting live from Houston for the UH/SMU game, dropping a blatant “F” bomb when deciding to pick the Cougars to win the game.

Corso was initially rolling with SMU but then said, “Aww, f*ck it!” before changing his decision and putting on the Cougar head, sending the crowd into a frenzy.

Corso’s “F” bomb caused everyone else on the set, including olympian and bonafied Legend Carl Lewis, to laugh uncontrollably, but I’m sure people working in the production truck, and at the FCC, probably didn’t find the slip quite as funny.

[via Swag Bomb]

Video of Corso’s “F’ bomb after the jump…


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