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Jajaja: LeBron James and Mario Chalmers Get into “Heated” Argument

LeBron Argues with Mario Chalmers


Shit got real during the Pacers-Heat game on Wednesday night, as reigning MVP LeBron James and teammate Mario Chalmers were spotted getting into a heated argument on the bench following a Chalmers turnover.

LeBron had to be restrained by Udonis Haslem after Chalmers said something to LeBron that made him pop up from the bench and launch himself at the much smaller Chalmers, as words were exchanged.

If you’ve been following the Heat for the past few years then you’ve seen this happen numerous times, but Chalmers getting yelled out by the likes of LeBron or Dwyane Wade is usually reserved for the playoffs.

If you’re wondering how serious of an argument that LeBron and Chalmers had, all need to do is look at Juwan Howard trying not to crack up the entire time.


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