Jajaja: Lakers Fan Proves Game Recognize Game With LeBron 23 License Plate


Everybody knows that the majority of Lakers fans fall under the “bandwagoner” category, but this license plate takes it to a whole new level. This flossy Lexus pays homage to both the Lakers and LeBron, arguably the greatest team of all times and the greatest player in the League.

The decision is a little inappropriate though. I could only imagine what would happen to both the driver and a car in New England that had a Boston Red Sox license place holder and a “Jeeter” personalized plate. Guaranteed some Massholes would go to town on it.

Unfortunately, as evidenced from the photo, this car was spotted in Chino (home of the legend that is Ryan Atwood) and not actually in Los Angeles, but it’s a safe bet that it would have beent got a solid egging by some Lakers diehards if it was in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Rumor is the car might actually belong to Kobe.

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