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Jajaja: Lakers Fan Leaves Dwight Howard Hanging With Pump Fake High Five

Fan Dwight Howard Hanging


Laker fans gave Dwight Howard an unceremonious welcome in the Rocket big man’s first game back in LA against his former team since chunking the deuces last summer and taking his talents to Houston (also referred to as “BOOston” or “Side BOOston).

In addition to the chorus of boos and general saltiness that D12 received the entire evening, one fan decided to leave Howard hanging like deez nuts on a humid day as the Rockets headed to their locker room at halftime, pretending like he was showing some love to D12 before quickly pump faking him and dropping his hand.

Howard and the Rockets responded by serving the Lakers with a cherry on top, with their biggest blowout in franchise history on the road against the Purple & Gold, en route to their 8th straight win.

Meanwhile Lakers fans are still in denial over the team’s decision to pick Kobe or Howard, and have continued to support the move, despite the record reflecting that the Lakers are now boo boo’er than some old man diapers after Taco Tuesday.

Kobe stans still believe that Bryant, who has only appeared in 6 games this season (Lakers went 2-4 in those games) will somehow defeat the currently undefeated father time and erase the cloud of shame currently sprinkling hot chocolate dookie rain drops over arguably the greatest franchise in NBA history.


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