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Jajaja NBA Questionable Call

Jajaja: Kobe Takes Shot at JerseyChaser and Mavs Owner Mark Cuban With “Amnesty THAT” Tweet



Kobe Bryant has become very social media savvy the past few months since launching his own twitter account, and showed that he is no stranger to trolling and throwing shade — taking a shot at us and Mavs owner Mark Cuban following the Lakers win on Sunday.

Right around tipoff, I posted the following tweet:

Now anyone who follows the ‘Chaser closely on twitter knows that a tweet suggesting that the Lakers Amnesty their longtime star is about as common as one about a boo (either main or side) but apparently Cuban echoed my sentiments towards the Black Mamba with some comments of a similar nature. After giving the Mavs the business, Kobe took to social media to voice his displeasure with the Amnesty talk and do a little gloating with the following tweet:

Naturally Kobe lovers went HAM on twitter in the aftermath, going at both us and Cuban with a slew of negative texts in defense of their falling star. Cuban, never one to be stunted on heavy, lashed back at Kobe with a subtweet:

Cuban wouldnt let it go and offered another tweet congratulating Kobe for hissuccessful mastery of trolling on twitter:

Bottom line, the NBA is a business and the Lakers, arguably the most recognizable franchise in League history and perennial leader in salary cap spending are shitty right now. Amnestying Kobe would open up enough money to sign 2 stars to max deals, including making moves for dudes like LeBron James (unrealistic but possible) and Russell Westbrook, who would love the opportunity to come back home to Los Angeles.


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