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Jajaja: Kobe Finds His Doppleganger During Olympic Opening Ceremonies


Update: Kobe’s doppleganger has been positively identified as high jumper Erik Kynard, aka, the “Track Mamba.”

In addition to getting in the competition’s a$$ like a wedgie, the USA basketball squad has also gone on a mission to unintentionally run into their dopplegangers during the Olympic tour, with Lakers great Kobe Bryant being the latest dude on the team to find his body double during the Olympics Opening Ceremonies.

Kevin Love, who has become a social media Legend over the past few weeks and even recently discovered his own doppleganger in Barcelona, was kind enough to tweet out a pic of Kobe and his doppleganger, as they were both clad in their Olympic outfits provided by Ralph Lauren and provided the following annoucement:

Found Kobe’s body double!!!

No word if Kobe’s doppleganger has the bucket-getting ability of the Black Mamba.

[via @kevinlove]


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