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Jajaja: Knicks Bid Farewell to Jeremy Lin With Legendary Goodbye Card (Parody)


Following the announcement that the Knicks would not try to match the 3-year, $25 million offer to overnight sensation Jeremy Lin, meaning the point guard is now taking his talents to Houston (aka “Booston” and/or “Ex-Booston”), this legendary farewell card hit the ‘net.

Although this is merely a parody, much like some “professional” wrestling, it’s real to me dammit.

Featuring personalized notes from players including recent acquisition Jason Kidd, Steve Novak, Tyson Chandler, Carmelo Anthony, Amar’e Stoudemire and owner James Dolan the card may be a sarcastic rendition, but surely more than a few of the notes are accurate.

[via NBA Debaters]


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