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Jajaja: Kevin Garnett Does 8 Push Ups After Hard Foul in ECF Game 3


Needless to say, Kevin Garnett is one of the biggest (literally) Legends in NBA history and his decision to bust out 8 push ups on his knuckles after finding himself on the receiving end of a hard foul that caused him to go to the ground, just added to his lore.

Whilst it is true that we did recently clowned KG after his missed dunk attempt in Game 7 of the Eastern Semis, it is also true that JerseyChaser has the utmost respect for Garnett as he has grown into a player you absolutely love if on your team, and absolutely hate if not.

And even though KG has been known as one of your crazier (and/or brazier depending on your location) players in NBA history, The Big Ticket already has one punched to the hall of fame.

[via @jose3030]

Video of Garnett busting out some push ups during Game 3 of the ECF after the jump…


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