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Jajaja: Kevin Garnett Compares Celtics 27-Point Comeback Win Vs. Magic To “Bar Fight”


After the Celtics remarkable 27-point comeback victory in Orlando on Thursday night, the Legend that is Kevin Garnett was a little too juiced during his postgame interview with TNT’s Craig Sager, comparing the game to a “bar fight” several times.

The Celtics were without the services of both Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen, which did make the comeback that much more ridiculous, but KG is putting way too much extras on it with the “bar fight” comparison.

Having actually been in a few bar fights in my day, I can honestly say that overcoming a a 27-point deficit in an early season NBA game is actually nothing like a bar fight, as nobody is getting shanked with broken beer bottles or getting swift kicks to the groin.

Instead of a “bar fight,” the Celtics thrilling come-from-behind win at Orlando can probably be more accurately compared to just that; a thrilling come-from-behind win.


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