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Jajaja: Kevin Durant Flexes On Brandon Jennings During Drew League-Goodman League Showdown


Kevin Durant put on a show for his hometown fans during his MVP performance at Capital Punishment:  Drew League vs Goodman League out there in DC, leading his squad to the win with a stellar 44-point performance, including some on-court shenanigans with Brandon Jennings.

Jennings has made a name for himself this summer, not only making appearances at damn near every summer league in the country, but by also serving all challengers with a cherry on top, taking time out during games to flex on his opponents whenever he deems it appropriate.

Apparently the Durantula has seen the Jennings flex sessions and decided to mock him with a little flexing of his own to get a rise out of the hometown crowd.

Whilst it is true that Durant only weighs about 86 pounds dripping wet, and has no business trying to show off his guns (which are more like some pistol starters), you can’t knock the man for having swag.

Video of Durant flexing on Jennings after the jump…


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