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Jajaja: JR Smith’s Legendary High School Yearbook Quote, “Get Chicks or Die Tryin”

JR Smith Yearbook Quote


Knicks guard Earl “JR” Smith has gained a reputation for being a Legend’s Legend throughout his NBA career and it appears that his swag has bee present since at least his high school days.

Smith, a New Jersey native, attended St. Benedict’s Prep and in 2004, showed his respect to both 50 Cent, and his bishes with one of the most legendary yearbook quotes of all times;

Get Chicks or Die Tryin’

What would you expect from the man who popularized the #NoSandusky hashtag on twitter and asked a 16-year old fan if she was, “trying to get the pipe?”

It appears that JR is still trying to live up to his high school assertion, as rumors are circulating that the 2013 Sixth Man of the Year winner was spotted partying it up with ex-boo Rihanna following a Knicks playoff win.

JR Smith You Trying To Get The Pipe


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