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Jajaja: Jordan Farmar Takes Shot at Former Team After Lakers Trick Off Game 2 of Western Semis


Nets guard Jordan Farmar decided to weigh in on the Lakers Game 2 loss in the Western Semis against the Thunder on Wednesday, taking a shot a Steve Blake and his former squad with the following tweet:

Guess who would have made that 3 ptr….

The tweet sent Lakers’ fans in an uproar, and many were quick to shoot back at Farmar, who spent 4 seasons with the Purple N’ Gold and won 2 rings in a reserve role before signing a lucrative deal with the Nets.

After catching some slack on his @mentions, Farmar quickly tried to back track and play the whole thing off, but as anyone that has ever accidentally uploaded a dick pic in a tweet can tell, the damage had already been done.

In response to all the negative attention received as a result of the poorly thought out tweet, Farmar promptly cancelled his twitter account, in the ultimate sign

Video of Steve Blake’s missed game-winning 3-pointer after the jump…


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