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Jajaja: Jay-Z Lookalike Usua Amanam Named Rose Bowl Defensive Player of the Game

Jay-Z Usua Amanam


Stanford defensive back Usua Amanam became an internet sensation after helping lead the Cardinal (nee Sqaures) to a win over a Barry Alvarez coached Wisconsin squad in the Rose Bowl, mainly because he was out there looking like a young Jay-Z.

During his postgame interview the resemblance was evident during Amanam’s postgame interview, when twitter starting buzzing like a bumblebee, with people from all walks of life basically tweeting out the same damn observation:

I didn’t know Jay-Z played for Stanford #rosebowl

In the wake of Amanam’s instant legendary status, and the magnitude of Stanford, a school known as Square West for having more nerds than Lambda Lambda Lambda, guaranteed the real Jay-Z will be referencing the 2013 Rose Bowl Defensive Player of the Game in one of his future tracks.


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