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Jajaja: Jay Bilas Becomes Hood Superstar After Young Jeezy Shows Him Love in E-40 “Function” Remix


Despite being perceived as one of the biggest square bears this side of Delaware, ESPN basketball analyst Jay Bilas is one of the few proverbial L7 weenies to transcend squareness and entire the realm of certified hood superstar.

Bilas has made a name for himself on twitter by dropping legendary rap lyrics, including showing a considerable amount of love to Young Jeezy. Well, Jeezy decided to return the favor, giving Bilas some love on the E-40 “Function” remix with the following verse:

Gotta go to work like Jay Bilas.

Naturally Bilas took to twitter to boast about getting love from one of the hottest rappers in the game and a diehard advocate of motivating thugs towards self-improvement.

Bilas also attached a photo of the word “Swag” to let all his followers know that it was in him like some gatorade.

Needless to say, despite having a square demeanor Bilas does indeed keep it trill.

[via @JayBilas]

E-40’s “Function” remix featuring Jeezy’s shout out to Jay Bilas after the jump…


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