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Jajaja: Jason Biggs Photobombs Reggie Bush’s Hard Knocks Cameo During Pacquiao-Bradley Fight


Dolphins running back (and former Kim Kardashian cheek-smasher) Reggie Bush was on hand at the Pacquiao-Bradley fight and during a cameo, which HBO used to help promote this year’s version of NFL Hardknocks, was the victim of a solid photobombing from Jason Biggs.

During Reggie and his Boo’s cameo inbetween rounds, the American Pie star, who was sitting behind Bush, popped out to quickly make a ridiculous face at the camera, as Reggie tried to stay in character but eventually cracked a slight smile at Biggs’ antics.

Either way the decision by Biggs to try and soak up some of Reggie’s shine is eerily similar to how his former Boo tried to do the same thing a few years back after the Saints won the Super Bowl .


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