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High School NCAA Basketball Questionable Call Swag Video

Jajaja: Iowa High School Basketball All-Star Team Uses Annexation of Puerto Rico Trick Play


Although normally reserved for Pop Warner football teams in crucial situations, an Iowa basketball All-Star team decided to imploy the ‘Annexation of Puerto Rico’ following a jump ball in a recent game.

After winning the opening tip, the team lined up in a football formation, complete with a center, quarterback and some wide receivers as the other team look on with some extreme bewilderment.

After the ball was snapped, and with the defense still confused as to what was going down (like that one episode of  ‘That’s My Mama’ featuring Joe the policeman), one player ran to the hoop and received a solid lob, finishing with a dunk.

This is one quick way to make dudes look like some April Fools.


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