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Jajaja: Heat Bench Gets Victimized By Silent But Deadly Fart


The Miami Heat bench fell victim to a silent but deadly fart during their Thursday night matchup against the Bulls, that had both coaches and players covering their nose from the stench.

Although it’s hard to pinpoint who exactly dealt “it,” consider that everyone smelt “it,” odds are that it was either Heat assistant coach Bob McAdoo cause old people are known for letting out stinkers as a result of bowel issues or head coach Erik Spoelstra.

But after several video reviews, the real culprit appears to be Juwan Howard, because whilst all the other players on the bench are covering their nose, Howard is fully embracing the fart, a typical characteristic of a pooter that likes to enjoy the smell of their own flatulence.

Video of the Heat bench reacting to the fart after the jump…


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