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Jajaja: Gilbert Arenas Uploads Pic of Blackberry Boo Categories (Only Respects 1 Boo)


Magic guard Gilbert Arenas took it to a whole nother level on Tuesday when he decided to upload a pic of his bbm boo breakdown and make it his avatar, sending out the following tweet:

My new avi is how my bbm is set up so to all my ladies. Figure out where u are!! haha

Arenas’ bbm 4 major boo categories (“Best at fellatio”, “Girls I respect”, “Girls who gave it up the 1st nite”, and “Girls who like girls”) are respectable and fairly consistent with the majority of dudes that get panties thrown their way as a result of their celebrity.

Since most chicks are delusional and have an inflated sense of self-worth, I’d guesstimate that the majority of Agent Zero’s Boos think that they are the lone one that he actually respects, even though they obviously fall in one of the other categories.

I’d like to hope that the one girl that Arenas actually does respect is his “Main Boo” and hopefully not someone else’s.

[via Busted Coverage]


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