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Jajaja: E-40 Tells LaMichael James “Welcome To My Soil Patna!” After 49ers Draftee Takes Shot on Twitter


Recent 49ers draft pick LaMichael James learned a valuable lesson about social media, after trying to clown Bay Area Legend E-40 on Twitter and getting called out by the rapper in the immediate aftermath with a truly incredible response.

James took to twitter on Cinco De Mayo to comment on his former Oregon teammate and fellow running back Kenjon Barner’s decision to bump some E-40:

Wishing @KBDeuce4 would turn this E-40 off b4 I abandon ship and that’s on my momma

After catching wind of James’ comments in regards to his music, E-40, a self-described ballertician from the Yay Area known for the gift of gab, responded with the following tweet directed at James:

@LaMichaelJames: Wishing @KBDeuce4 would turn this E-40 off b4 I abandon ship and that’s on my momma ” welcome to my soil Patna!

After getting called out by Mr. Fonzarelli, with easily one of the most legendary tweet responses in the history of twitter, not to mention a large contingent of the rappers’ fans, James decided to back track a little and ease up on comments, with the following tweet:

Ain’t no1 hating on @E40 at all I just am From the south and never really listen to west coast music so covert me

Pretty sure that James meant convert instead of  “covert” but either way, hopefully the star running back will appreciate all the finer things that the Bay has to offer by purchasing a gold grill and joining the Hyphy movement.

But for the sake of the Niners, lets hope he only decideds to Thizz face after in celebration of a Super Bowl win.


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