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Jajaja: Dwight Howard Loses Shooting Contest To LA Kings Mascot Bailey


It appears that LA Kings mascot Bailey has been spending his free time as a result of the ongoing NHL lockout getting some jumpers up, and recently went head-to-head with Lakers superstar Dwight Howard following a team shootaround.

Bailey and D12 faced off in a free throw competition as well as seeing what the long range game smelt like with battle from the 3-point line as well with the Kings mascot — clad in an oversized Lion head and full jersey, served Howard with a cherry on top.

After getting outshot by Bailey, similar to how Wesley Snipes’ character Sidney Deane got outshot by Woody Harrelson’s character Billy Hoyle in White Men Can’t Jump, Howard tried to play the loss off, but nonetheless the damage had been done.

Video of Dwight Howard getting served by the Kings mascot Bailey during a shooting contest after the jump…


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