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Jajaja: Drunk Bills Fan Goes HAM To “Jump Around” at Dolphins-Bills Thursday Night


In keeping with the tradition of white people getting too inebriated at football games and dancing horrendously offbeat, here is a drunk Bills fan from Thursday night’s AFC East showdown (jk) against the Dolphins, going absolutely HAM to House of Pain’s “Jump Around.”

Complete with leg kicks, pelvic thrusts and roof-raises and terrible timing, it was easily to tell that the drunk Bills fan was a renegade from the onset of the video, as he strolls around his aisle in the nosebleeds shirtless in a pair of extra smedium jeans (aka “yeans”).

After going HAM for several moments the drunk Bills fan almost suffers a potentially fatal blow, briefly losing his balance and almost falling into the rows in front of him, before regaining his composure.

Video of the drunk Bills fan going HAM to House of Pain’s “Jump Around” after the jump…


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