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Jajaja: DeMarcus Cousins’ “Step Brothers” Christmas Card Is Legendary


DeMarcus Cousins has been called the 2nd coming of Benoit Benjamin by some (mainly just our side boos and that one inebriated dude that posts outside the liquor store), but despite some minor mental brain farts on occasion, the Kings center is still a legend.

Case in point, this skilarious Christmas card that he sent to his former college coach John Calipari, with the “Step Brothers” theme. Calipari got a good chuckle out of the card, posted the following on his twitter:

I received this Christmas card from@boogiecousins this year. DeMarcus still finds a way to make me laugh.

No word who that white dude is in the picture with Cousins, but if they are in deed lovers, hopefully the white dude is a topper because Cousins would ravage his cheek otherwise.

A full photo of DeMarcus Cousins’ christmas card after the jump…



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