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Jajaja: Deion Sanders Catches Little League Baseball Umpire Rocking a Wife Beater and Tweets Photo


In case you are unfamiliar with Deion Sanders and his burgeoning #HOP (Hold On Playa) phenomenon on Twitter, allow to introduce you.

Basically anytime anyone gets spotted doing something questionable they get hit with a #HOP and their questionable move gets put on blast through twitter. If the questionable move is funny/legendary enough, it usually gets a retweet from the Hall of Famer.

Sanders decided to join in the #HOP phenomenon recently by uploading this pic from a Little League baseball field, featuring an umpire getting caught rocking just a wife beater, accompanied by the following tweet:

#HOP I just saw an ump in a wife beater!

Now that’s why you call getting caught slipping.

[via @DeionSanders]


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