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Jajaja: D-Wade & LeBron Do The Cam Newton “Superman” After Game-Winner At Bobcats


In an effort to show firsthand that game recognize game, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James showed some major love to Panthers rookie quarterback Cam Newton, after Wade hit the game-winning bucket against the Bobcats Wednesday night to move the Heat to a perfect 3-0 on the season.

Following the bucket and subsequent Bobcats timeout, as Wade and James made their way to the bench LeBron appeared to give Wade a signal and both men looked over at Newton, who was sitting in the front row with Michael Jordan and them, and mockingly did his Superman celebration.

The crowd immediately went into an uproar after the move, but Newton could be seen cheesin’ like he was about to get poured on some macaroni, and rightfully so.

After shattering numerous rookie records and eclipsing the 4,000-yd pass mark, Newton has become something like a boss in the sports world

Anytime you have the best player in the League (LeBron in case you’re a square, unaware or in denial) and a Top 5 player showing you respect like that, it’s got to make your heart flutter.

D-Wade and LeBron doing the Cam Newton “Superman” after the jump…


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