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Jajaja: Cleveland Cavs Fans Start “Come Home LeBron” Campaign

Come Home LeBron_Cover


In what has to be one of the ultimate signs of desert thirst (literally) a group of Clevelanders have launched the “Come Home LeBron” campaign in the hopes of persuading the greatest thing to happen to the city since the Major League movies to return to the Cavs in 2014.

The group has launched a website and is trying to raise some dough by slanging shirts featuring LeBron’s image in a #23 jersey, the number he wore whilst leading the Cavs up from the depths of mildew, and turning them into some barbecue.

Members of the group were spotted outside of Quicken Loans Arena on Wednesday night, with LeBron and the Heat in town to hand the Cavs a loss.

Unfortunately as previously mentioned by LeBron, his hometown is Akron, and since they currently don’t have an NBA franchise and King James was never really rolling with Cleveland to begin with, Dan Gilbert and them are shit out of luck.


Considering the tremendous amount of disrespect that the city of Cleveland showed LeBron when he decided to take his talents to South Beach, and how much better South Beach is than the home of the steamer, it’s a safe bet that LeBron will not be going back to the past.


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